“Winning the Sikorsky Helicopter 2050 Challenge opened many doors for me. I was first granted the amazing opportunity to present my helicopter design to a few of the Sikorsky staff members as well as local news reporters. I was also presented a chance to showcase my design to the Connecticut PLTW STEM Conference at the University of New Haven. To top it off, I had the pleasure to travel to the American Society of Engineering Education Conference in Seattle, WA, to present my project to other people and to receive recognition for winning the 2050 Helicopter Challenge. These experiences boosted my self-confidence that I could accomplish anything I set my mind to. Thank you By Kids for Kids for providing these wonderful opportunities.”

– Hana Bidon, grand prize winner of Sikorsky Helicopter 2050 Challenge

“As an instructor, I am always looking for ways for students to apply their knowledge and skill sets in a meaningful way. The educational challenges sponsored by BKFK give students timely real-world experience with contemporary themes. The coordination of these projects help students develop critical thinking, collaboration, project management and organizational skills. The themes are authentic and address real world issues that students need to experience outside of the classroom. As a result of the BKFK programs, the students gain exposure to simulated task to that of the workforce and summarily reflect on their performance in an objective manner.”

– Leon Tynes, regarding Sikorsky Helicopter 2050 Challenge

“By bringing the Xerox Inventive Thinking Toolkit and Invention Challenge to Maryland, you provided an opportunity for Maryland students to utilize the creative and critical thinking skills that are so important to their lifelong success and to the ability of this country to compete in the global marketplace. Further, you provided a benefit to teachers as they learned additional strategies for nurturing the creativity of their students.”

– Dr. Nancy Grasmick, State Superintendent of Schools, Maryland

“Throughout the summer families would return on the scheduled BKFK days! Parents/guardians would always comment on how wonderful some of the projects were.”

– The Children’s Museum in Easton, regarding Mattel Invent-a-Toy Challenge

“I wanted to thank you and your organization for allowing teachers such as myself to introduce dynamic opportunities to our students. I can’t thank you enough for giving us an infrastructure to work with while giving such an enormous incentive to the kids.”
– Lana Inacio, Colts Neck High School teacher, regarding Secret Millionaires Club Grow Your Own Business Challenge

“As the Child Guidance Specialist at my school, I really look for financial decision-making and character building activities to help my K–5 students become better citizens. This program is just what I love for my students and my own children.”
– Karen Guffey, Child Guidance Specialist, regarding Secret Millionaires Club Grow Your Own Business Challenge

“BKFK programs are connected to my learning standards.”
– Jamie Eggerman, Elementary School Teacher in MO

“BKFK programs are varied and interesting for my students. It also gives them new ways to look at things.”
– Tina Miller, Language Arts Teacher in WI

“I like that the programs and contests challenge the students to “think outside the box”. I am always amazed at what they can come up with when presented with a task and “forced” to be creative.”
– Tiffany Waddell, Middle School Science Teacher in NV

“Common core standards are met with creative learning and real life experience.”
– Linda Brown, Elementary School Teacher in CA

“BKFK programs are free and provide nontraditional learning opportunities for our students.”
– Sam Valentine, Elementary School Teacher in AL

“I like the relevance to today’s issues and how they allow students to understand what can be complex issues such as financial markets/stock exchange etc. I also like that they are fun.”
– Mark Heinze, 6th grade teacher in CA

“There is an ease of use for all educators, even those not too familiar with science and engineering practices.”
– Celeste Simon, Elementary School Teacher in WA

“There are unique opportunities for kids to show their strengths and talents. Not everyone is ‘school’ smart.”
– Tanna Stenger, Elementary School Teacher in PA

“I LOVE how the kids become motivated. There becomes a purpose for what they are doing when there is competition!”
– Peggy Perkins, Elementary School Teacher in PA

“It gives the students a chance to be creative and be recognized for their efforts outside of a school or classroom setting. Students enjoy having a global audience for their work. They really work to foster their team building and communication skills. These projects are special because they are outside the regular classroom curriculum.”
– Matt Aho, Middle School Teacher in IL

“The program allows kids to think up new and fun ways to solve problems and invent new ideas.”
– Lemi Erinkitola, Afterschool Program Coordinator in IL