By Kids For Kids offers parents, PTAs, and families fun, free activities to complete with kids K–12+. Activities are based on current curricular standards (such as the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards) and are designed to be easy to use and access. All materials are based online and are either downloadable or digital and interactive. Check out some of our programs and a few examples of our activities, and be sure to join the BKFK community to learn about what’s new and upcoming.


Our programs are underwritten by generous organizations interested in educational initiatives; in other words, the organizations pay so you don’t have to.


Parent Testimonials:

“The NFL PLAY 60 Contest was a wonderful experience for Sarah, and her enthusiasm grew as she developed her initial idea into the final product. Being a part of the contest is something that Sarah is extremely proud of, and she often shares her story with people she meets. Being a part of the PLAY 60 Contest has given Sarah the confidence to explore many new challenges, and set many new goals for herself, and it is something that I’m sure she will look back on as a great experience.”


– Cheryl, grand prize winner’s mom

“Thank you to BKFK for this wonderful experience. It is great to have a program such as yours to enhance children’s minds to be open and to be creative.”


– Erika, Sikorsky Helicopter 2050 Challenge grand prize winner’s mom

“Brian’s stay in New York City, meeting with all of you and the distinguished panel, and the NASDAQ for opening bell are experiences that he shall cherish for a lifetime!”


– Lisa, Staples’ Invention Quest finalist’s mom

“We found the ‘Grow Your Own Business Challenge’ when my son was looking for a way to fund his new bow tie idea. Although he already had a firm idea when he started, working through the program helped him develop a cohesive business plan, and find and address issues that he hadn’t even thought of. The skills he developed—financial literacy, problem solving, innovation and presentation/public speaking—
are not only the skills of a young entrepreneur, but skills that will lead to success in college and after, regardless of whether he decides to work for himself or for someone else. The program was seamlessly run by a group of professionals that took interest in every single participant and truly cares about kids and their futures. A great experience!”


– Emily, grand prize winner’s mom

“As a homeschooling mom, I am constantly looking for new and exciting ways to educate and challenge my children. Participating in the ‘Grow Your Own Business Challenge’ fit my needs perfectly. It allowed Simeon and Lilian the opportunity to find a need and design a business to fill it based on their own knowledge and experience. From beginning to end, they integrated all of their basic studies with marketing, public speaking, planning and teamwork, expanding their vision of their own potential and stimulating a genuine desire to create more useful products and successful businesses.”


– Rebecca, parent of a team of finalists

“While there are many kids’ programs that focus on STEM, the Secret Millionaire’s Club ‘Grow Your Own Business Challenge’ is one of the very few that focuses on financial literacy and entrepreneurship in a very compelling and fun way. It was a great experience for my daughter as it helped her think about how to take an idea and create a company and really opened her eyes to the world of business as a career!
By Kids For Kids, the creators of the ‘Grow Your Own Business challenge,’ are that rare company that not only truly cares about benefiting children, but also develops creative ways to attract and educate them while they are having fun. I believe in what they are doing as I have seen first-hand the positive impact that this has on kids!”


– James, parent of a finalist