Upcoming and Ongoing Programs

Anytime of the year, we’re ready! BKFK has all kinds of exciting programs beginning soon and continuing throughout the fall. You’ll find content for kids 6 through 18, and some of the new (and continuing) programs include rewarding and fun competitions! As usual, everything is free thanks to generous underwriters. Take a look at what’s coming soon!

April-August 2017

Program: LA Dodgers Reading Champions

Launch Date:  April 2017 
Close Date:  August 2017 

For students in the LA County area. Get your students excited about reading! The Dodgers Reading Champions program encourages 1st – 8th graders to read more. Learn more and sign your students up now!

May 2017

Program: Get Active with Major League Soccer

Launch Date:  May 2017 

Get Active with MLS challenge kids 7 through 14 to come up with ideas about how to get active and healthy for a chance to win terrific prizes! This fun program is designed for parents, teachers, youth groups, after-school clubs, libraries, coaches, and more!

October 2017

Program: Drive Smart: No Distractions, No Excuses

Launch Date:  October 2017 

Teens 13 through 18 will learn safety facts about driving distractions and be challenged to create a public service announcement promoting safe driving for a chance to win $5,000! This challenge is designed to be used at school, at home, with PTAs, in libraries, and with youth and after-school groups.

November 2017

Program: Make College Happen Challenge

Launch Date:  November 2017 

Teens 14 – 18 are challenged with illustrating how they will make college happen for a chance to win $15,000! Creativity is the key. Songs, poems, videos are just some of the types of entries received.