Meet the BKFK Team

Norm Goldstein
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
Norm launched BKFK, a company uniquely dedicated to bridging the gap between the marketing goals of corporations and the educational interests of teachers, students, and families.

BKFK inspires and motivates children to use their creativity and imagination by providing them with corporate-sponsored educational materials designed to empower them to innovate. Innovation is Norm's core DNA: he's an entrepreneur and inventor named on 6 U.S. patents. His honors include:

  • 2005 ET3 TEC Championship Congressional Award
  • 2006 Purpose Prize Fellow
  • 2007, One of Ten National Innovators Changing Lives in America, appointed by CNN
  • 2012, elected to Target Stores' National Reading Advisory Board
At BKFK, Norm isn't the wizard behind the screen—he's the pulse of each project from inception to culmination. His innovative spirit, creativity, and passion inspire the BKFK team to achieve world-class outcomes for corporate clients.

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Laura Ploss
Chief Operating Officer
Since 2004, Laura has worked with founder Norman Goldstein to make BKFK an industry leader in innovative family and educational marketing. Her eighteen years managing corporate onsite travel operations—including at GE and Xerox for Carlson Wagonlit Travel—and a four–year foray into public relations with eNR have led her to BKFK, where her work is her passion.

Laura is a dynamic manager whose role at BKFK is similar to that of an orchestra conductor, guiding the players to work together harmoniously to create the desired outcome. While deftly juggling a myriad of projects and serving as the primary point of contact for clients, Laura makes sure each team member meets deadlines and exceeds client goals.

Under her guidance, the team executes top-quality educational marketing programs that reward student accomplishments, engage educators and families, and provide clients with the brand presence and marketing prowess they need. BKFK benefits from the many skills Laura brings to her position, including entrepreneurial acumen and the nimbleness to gracefully handle situations with energy and a smile.

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Regan Allan
Director of Education Outreach
Regan has been in the education and nonprofit sectors both as an employee and volunteer for more than 19 years. She started her career teaching kindergarten and first grade students at a public magnet school for the arts and humanities. Since then, she has worked with students at all grade levels, teaching literacy, math, creativity, music and most recently, social and emotional skills in the primary grades.

Regan is an advocate for education and youth; she has coached and directed many youth programs in Stamford, CT such as chess, Girl Scouts and Odyssey of the Mind and is a constant presence at school board meetings. She has extensive knowledge of education issues, and when not chauffeuring her four children or running a PTO event, she can most likely be found reading an education blog or browsing Pinterest for teaching ideas!
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Judy Klym
Director Of Public Relations
Judy is an insightful and innovative public relations professional with more than 18 years of experience in the field. She's been instrumental in launching many successful campaigns over the years, including Hills Pet Nutrition's “Pets Need Dental Care Too.” At By Kids For Kids, she manages dynamic and wide-reaching public relations campaigns for client programs.

Media placements initiated by Judy have resulted in billions of public impressions, including cover articles in trade media; national placements in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times; coverage on local networks and in local print media; and appearances on CNN, CNBC, and the BBC.

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Wendy Morrison
Director of Project Management
Wendy draws on her innovative, analytical and problem solving abilities as the BKFK team member who is constantly asking her colleagues, about the “who, what, when, where, why, and most importantly the how" on every BKFK program. At By Kids For Kids, she project manages large scale client programs.

Wendy’s background also includes positions in marketing/brand communications, marketing research, and new product innovation while living in multiple places– NYC, Chicago, Dallas, Washington DC, Connecticut, Chicago (again), and then Connecticut (again). She has no plans to move again anytime soon!

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Brian Froehlich
Operations and Events Manager
Brian is a graduate of the University of Hartford Barney School of Business and a creative and determined problem solver. With an entrepreneurial background, he continues to work in his parents’ family businesses, including performing on stage for over a decade in their dance studio’s annual performances.

Brian performs a variety of functions at BKFK, primarily including interacting with educators, parents, volunteers, and kids through the programs offered; and organizing, producing, and managing tradeshows and program events onsite nationwide. Additionally, he coordinates everything in the offices to keep them running smoothly, troubleshooting and solving any challenge—earning him the commonly used title of “Wizard.”

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Sarah Ploss
Social Media Editor
Sarah is a junior journalism major in the Roy H. Park School at Ithaca College. She was an Associate Producer and is now a reporter for Newswatch 16, Ithaca College Television’s award-winning news program. She has gained experience in marketing, PR and social media through her multiple internships at places such as Morris Media Group and Barteca Restaurant Group.

Sarah has been around the company since age nine and officially joined the BKFK team in January 2014 as the Social Media Editor. She currently runs all social media platforms for the company including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

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